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The Department of History was established at N.M.S.M.Government College Kalpetta in 1989 as an undergraduate Department.  It upgraded as a Post Graduate Department in 2020. Currently it is offering BA in History and M.A. History (Elective- World History). The course intake of B.A. is 70 and M.A, is 20. The Department has embarked on an ambitious programme to create a Museum and a Photo Gallery. The Museum tells the amazing saga of the Models of the Evolution of Man, Seals of Indus Valley Civilization, Megalithic structures in Kerala and the Traditional agriculture implements in Wayanad. The Photo Gallery speaks of the contributions of historians to the discipline of History and important historical sites.

Academic Offerings

History of India – Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary periods, History of World- Ancient, Medieval and Modern Periods, History of Kerala- Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary Periods, Trends in Historiography- World and India, Methodology of the Writing of History, Historical Tourism, Gender Studies, Kerala Renaissance and Archaeology at U.G. level and  History and Theory, Early Bronze and Iron Age Civilisations, Perspectives on Colonialism, Methods of Historical Research, Problems and Debates in Contemporary India, Pre-Modern Kerala: Problems and Perspectives, Problems, Perspectives and Debates in Early India History, History of Modern Kerala: Problems and Perspectives, State and Society in Medieval India, Selected Problems of Medieval and Modern History and Selected Themes in Pre-Modern South India at P.G.level.

Learning Activities

  • Enhanced research activities including projects, publications etc.
  • Guidance to appear for competitive exams.
  • Special support to the students of tribal communities.


The Department currently has Three faculty members, Department offers an open course as per the choice of the students from other departments.

Mrs. Suja K.S.,M.A.History, B.Ed., NET (Assistant Professor and Head)

Dr. Anoop Thankachan K., M.A.History, B.Ed. NET, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor)

Mrs. Bindu Mathew, M.A.History, M.A.Sociology, B.Ed., NET (Assistant Professor)

Ms. Athira George, M.A.History, NET (Assistant Professor)

Ms. Sunu Muhsin, M.A.History, NET (Assistant Professor)

Mr. Afeef KJ, M.A.History, NET (Assistant Professor)