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The college PTA plays an important role indecisions relating to the infrastructures and general functioning of the college. The PTA offers proficiency prize for the toppers of each class in the final year U.G. Examinations. The PTA also provides the necessary financial aid for printing and publication of Annual Student’s magazines as well any kind of creative practices as such. Assistance from PTA and government plan fund has been the chief financial sources of publication division. The PTA executive meeting, Class PTA meeting and Annual PTA meetings helps to collect feedback from the secondary stakeholders, and to initiate corrective measures if required. The college PTA congratulates students who are talented in multiple areas such as academics, arts and sports every year.

In the regularly convened PTA Meetings, special discussion is carried out with the parents of those students with high risk of dropping out. Thus maximum effort is taken to ensure their continuous presence in the class. In addition to the governmental scholarships, PTA also assists financially weaker students. There is Poor Students Aid Fund in the college, which is given to economically weaker students. The results are evaluated and communicated to parents during class PTA

PTA Annual Reports