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Our library is situated at the foot of the college hill, which is the first and greatest attraction on the campus which beckons every student to its seclusion .It’s the most voluminous library in the district, where the voracious readers spend their free hours acquiring knowledge. The placid locality allows children to sit for hours together in reading. It is the best place for most pupils for studying during the day. The library provides both physical and digital access. The experienced officials give suggestions while the members are at confusion, with their best.

About Library 

The Library is computerized with  new technologies , Radio frequency Identification (RFID) is a generic term that is used to describe a system that transmits the identity ( in the form of a unique serial number) of an object or person wirelessly in a tag, using radio waves. Tags or Transponders are microchips with an antenna which have a unique identifier Number and memory which can be programmable according to the customer requirement. Tags are then affixed to the books either in the inside or hard bound in them. 

  1. High Speed Inventory  and Finding a book 
  2. Self check-in and checkout Kiosk
  3. 24 Hrs CCTV & High security –Anti Theft Control ( Gate)
  4. Patron Experience 
  5. Book tagging 
  6. Desktop Reader –Circulation 
  7. Multipurpose Smart TV 
  8. 3-Days Backup Inverter (UPS System)  
  9. Fire Extinguisher
  10. Printer 
  11. Id Card Printer  & Barcode Printer 
  12.  Wi-fi Facility 


 The library at present has a collection of 24816 books. Library subscribes to various newspapers and periodicals in English and Malayalam. ​ The library resources are open to all the students, teachers, non-teaching members and research scholars in the institution. 

The collections available in the library are RFID Technology and bar-coded. A user-friendly interface for searching documents (OPAC) is also available.


To support intellectual growth and to provide resources and services which enrich the student experience and enhance the teaching- learning?

To promote a continuing love of learning in a congenial space where people choose to gather.

Link to  nlist.inflibnet.ac.in


  • Newspapers and Periodicals

Library subscribes various newspapers and periodicals in English, Malayalam 

  • Reference Service

Reference service is a personal assistance provided to library users seeking information

  • Reprographic Services

The Library provides the facilities to printing, copying and scanning of documents

  • Library Extension Service

The library regularly observing library week, orientation programs to newcomers, book exhibition, etc., besides its routine services

  • Lending Service

You will find everything you need to know to borrow from the lending area, and also reserve.


Total Area580 Sq.ft
Normal Working Hours & Veccations (Working days)09:30 to 16:30
Status of AutomationPartially Automated
Total number of Computers for public access4
Total number of Printers for public access2
Main Learning ResourcesBooksReference BooksText booksJournals and
PeriodicalsInternet Facility
for teachers & studentsN-LIST  (INFLIBNET)
Internet bandwidth100 Mbps
News papers10
Regional Language8
Number of Library Staff2


1. The books will be issued to students from the Central Library as per the schedule arranged by the Librarian.

2. Number of books a student can borrow at a time from the library:

Degree -2 .This numbers can be revised as per the advice of the Library Advisory Committee after considering total number of books available in the library and the total number of students in the College.

Post Graduate- 3 (Same as above)

3. Books borrowed from the Central Library must be returned within a fortnight and they can be renewed for a further period of seven days if no one else has applied for the same book.

4. (a) Absence from college will not be accepted as an excuse for not returning the books in time.

(b) If the due date for return of books falls on weekends or holidays the book must be returned on the next working day.

(c ) Books borrowed for use during Onam, Christmas and summer vacations should be returned not later than the third day after the reopening of the college.

(d) Annual Stock Verification- All the books borrowed from the Central Library by students and members of teaching and non-teaching staff must be returned by the first of March every year for the annual physical stock verification of the library.

5. (a) Failure to return a book on or before the due date entails the student to pay a fine of one rupee per day of delay for each book.

(b) Failure to pay a fine in time will result in the forfeiture of the right to borrow books till fines are paid.

(c) Transfer Certificates will be issued and caution deposit refunded only after clearing all the dues to the library.

6. (a) A member of the teaching staff is allowed to borrow ten books at a time from the Central Library.

(b) Members of the non-teaching staff are allowed to borrow three books at a time from the Central Library.

7. (a) All books should be returned in time for the annual physical stock verification in March every year.

(b) A member of staff who takes leave must return all the books borrowed from the library before proceeding on leave.

8. Disfiguring the pages, scribbling on pages, tearing pages, damaging and injuring of binding will be held as serious damage to books and in such cases they are either to be replaced by new copies or get bound by the borrowers as the case may be.

9. For loss of books the following procedure will be followed:- as per G.O.1028/A3/93.H.Edn. dated 28/05/1993.

(i) If new editions or copies of the lost books are available with the book suppliers, the book has to be replaced by a new one.

(ii) If the lost book is not available for replacement the value of the lost book will be realized at the following rates:-

(a)Ten times the face value of the books which were published prior to 1946.

(b) Six times face value of the books which were published, prior to 1970.

(c ) Three times the face value of the books in all other cases.

(d) If the book value cannot be ascertained from the Library Stock Registers compensation will be fixed on the basis of the market price of similar publication at the time of fixation.

10. Sub-lending and transferring of books to other persons’ are not allowed.

11. Books from the reference section shall not be taken outside the library.

12. Strict silence should be observed in the Library. Personal belongings such as umbrellas, bags, tiffin carriers, etc., are not allowed to be kept in the Library. Smoking, sleeping and indecent behavior are prohibited inside the Library. The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the library.

13. In all matters regarding the Library the decision of the Principal shall be final.