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Course Code: PG004

Post graduation in World History

Post graduation in Arts with Specialization in World History

The M. A. History programme offered by the University of Calicut is primarily intended to familiarize the students with the transition process of the present civilization. It is envisaged to nurture in students critical thinking, logical reasoning and scientific temper. Generally speaking, the syllabus is designed to mould each student of History as a future historian by providing him/her a very strong learning experience. History as a part of Social Science can provide answers to the problems of contemporary society, so that along with the general courses of history, emerging areas also have been properly represented. The varied aspects of the  transition process in the social, economic, political and cultural domains are well organized. The core areas found a place in this syllabus are World History, Indian History, Kerala History, History and Theory as well as the Methods of Historical research. The strategy followed in the case of classification is chronological - ancient/ medieval/ Modern - on the one hand, and problem-centred approach on the other. The course in History and Theory will ensure that the student is equipped with a sound theoretical background for ‘doing history’. Likewise, the course in Methods of historical  research and the Project would transform any average student into a potential researcher. The Optional courses are streamlined to specialize the student in ancient, medieval or modern history. In the case of emerging areas, courses from Gender history to Environmental History are offered. The programme follows an interdisciplinary approach in the study of historical problems. The programme also encourages the students to make use of the recent developments in information technology and the digital facilities in locating resources and also for the dissemination of knowledge in their area of specialisation. Apart from the teaching- learning process, the students are obliged to attend the sessions of seminar presentation and field trips and visit historically important sites in India. By fruitfully completing this Programme, the student will have acquired learning outcomes that may enable him to pursue a bright academic career in his future life.

  • Enables the student to analyse the process of historical
  • Enables the student to locate the cardinal forces of change in the historical development.
  • Enables the student to evaluate the changing perceptions of Indian society and culture.
  • Enables the student to design a research proposal in his area of
  • Enables the student to demonstrate the socio-economic and political dimensions of contemporary
  • Enables the student to appreciate and formulate the values of Indian National- ism, democracy and